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Carpenters in California - c1855.

These are the men who made the Miner's & Business Men's Directory of 1856. It is without a doubt that by the publication of this directory more had arrived and some of these had left. These are men who listed that profession. Countless others had basic carpentry skills and may never have applied them to much more than to enhance their living conditions.

Alexander, D. G. from New York.

Andrews, W. V. B. from New York.

Angell, James from Rhode Island.

Bonney, O. from Massachusetts.

Clark, C. W.. from New York.

Deming, C. B.

Fish, H. L. from Massachusetts.

Fuller, L. from Massachusetts.

Huntington, O. H. from New York.

Janning, I. from Tennessee.

Kenyon, W. H. from Connecticut.

Lippitt, J. P. from Connecticut.

Long, J. R. from Maine.

Marshall, S. E. from Maine. In Columbia since 1853.

Morse, L. H. from Maine.

Northrup, B. from New York. In Columbia since 1853.

Nye, S. F. from Massachusetts.

Pratt, F. E. from Massachusetts.

Randolph, M. from New Jersey. In Columbia since 1852.

Robinson, G. N. from Indiana.

Sampson, B. C. from Massachusetts.

Sears, A. from Vermont.

Starbird, Rufus John from Maine.

Waltz, D. O. from Maine.

Wardell, G. C. from New Jersey.

White, J. B. from Tennessee.

Whiting, O. L. from Connecticut.

NOTE: Any information on these men to be placed here would be appreciated.

The 1860's census actually has many more individuals who were carpenters. One such fellow was John T. Bonnell as a carpenter/cabinet maker in Columbia prior to the 1860 census.

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