(George & Barbara Eastman Map - Dec. 1958)

Missing Buildings

Forgotten Buildings is what Mrs. George W. Eastman called her compilation as she described (in 1954) what was here; On the corner of Washington & Main Streets.

1857 August 25 - the fire causes the black powder in the H.N. Brown building to explode and the store is destroyed. Five men are killed including Brown. A sixth died later. (Mr. Brown's grave is in the Columbia cemetery, the first one on the right side of the road, just inside the gate.

1857/58 R. B. Parker in partnership with C. E. Gorham rebuilds on the site. General merchandise store.

1861 Building survives the fire.

1863 Bowen, Bacon and Co. operate the business.

1866 Parker and Bacon operate the business.

1867 Bacon buys out parker. Bacon becomes postmaster, in addition to post office they have groceries, dishes, miners' and farmers' implements and hardware.

1870 By this time the building is destroyed by mining and Washington Street had been realigned.

Other missing buildings on the same block, next to the Arnold Bldg., going northwest to the (#46) Wells, Fargo building:
(#44) Old Columbia Market, (#45) Farnsworth's Bowling Saloon.

Next block south is the location of the first Brick building of Columbia: (#33) Donnell & Parson's built 1853.

From a copy of the map of Columbia 1860 that was compiled by George W. & Barbara Eastman Map - Dec. 1958

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