(Union Restaurant, Rapasal, Newell, Harrison, Pownall, ?.)


This is a view of State street with building in red as subject - 1866.

Today (2012) this lot is empty and sits open to the east of the brick building called the San Francisco Store.
(left of red bldg in image above - northeast of Broadway and west of Main Street)

1851 Bernard and Cheminant first own the lot.

1852 Bernard Brothers had the Union Restaurant on this lot.

1854 Rapasal sells the building to William H. Newell.

1855 June - Fire burns all wood structures and does future damage to brick walls.

1855 Saturday - William H. Newell and wife mortgage to B. M. Brainard for $1235.00 for a parcel of land and a brick building on the north side of State St. next east of the two-story brick of Dr. James McChesney.

1855 Newell dies.

1856 Benjamin Harrison has store.

1857 August - Fire burns all wood structures and does further damage to brick walls.

1862 Harrison dies.

c1863 Pownall has store. Sells to J. Harrison.

1864 L. Harrison sells and moves to Sonora.

1871 Pownall owns Block 15, Lot 216. - Deputy County Surveyor map by John P. Dart

Back view of the buildings - 1866.

A map showing some of the buildings from Broadway to Main street - 1854.

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