A Presentation of the Columbia State Historic Park
with support from FRIENDS of Columbia SHP


Columbia State Historic Park, California.


Saturday, from 8 to 10:30 PM
the Streets
of Columbia State Historic Park.

Commemorating the Anniversary of
Columbia State Historic Park 1945-2011

Music by
Rod Harris and The Columbia Kicks
at the corner of State and Main Street.

1940s era costumes encouraged!
Prizes Awarded!

Winners for dance and costume. - 2006

1940s era photos of the town
will be available for viewing throughout the day.
Tours of 1940s Columbia 1 & 3 PM

1940's cars. - 2006

Columbia Becomes the Capital for a Day.

On July 15th, 1945, Governor Earl Warren visited Columbia and signed the legislation dedicating the town of Columbia as a part of the State Park System. On that day, thousands of visitors crowded the streets of Columbia to take part in the historic celebration. In honor of Columbia's 62nd birthday, Columbia State Historic Park is planning a variety of activities and events to remember the day.

The acquisition and subsequent establishment of Columbia as a State Historic Park set a precedent for the State of California. It was the first "town" that the park system acquired and, unlike similar east coast historic sites (such as Virginia's privately-owned Williamsburg), its preservation and ongoing operation are under public control. Columbia, along with other properties acquired in the 1940s, established the foundation for California, through the work of California State Parks, to become what it is today: a leader in historic preservation and interpretation.

Today Columbia State Historic Park annually hosts over 600,000 visitors, presenting school programs for over 10,000 4th graders, and is a major tourist destination in Tuolumne County. Its many historic stores and restaurants are run by over 20 Concessionaires whose businesses, along with park staff and volunteers, help recreate the experience of the California Gold Rush for visitors from around the world.

All activities are FREE.

Please contact the organizers with any questions.
More information?
Call State Park Office 209-588-9128 or
Send an SASE to 11255 Jackson Street, Columbia, CA 95310 with questions.

All information and schedules posted may be changed at any time!
The current listing may not be absolutely correct.

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