The only for sure image of the Kid.
(BTW he was right handed: the image was reversed due to the type of photography used at the time)

Chronology of Billy the Kid

sorted by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard
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  • 1829: Catherine McCarty is born.
  • 1842: William H.H. Antrim is born.
  • 1850: Patrick Floyd Garrett is born.
  • 1855: Joseph McCarty is born.
  • 1859: William Henry McCarty is born. Location; not sure.
  • 1866: Catherine McCarty and sons are living in Indiana.
  • 1868: Catherine, Joseph, and Henry McCarty show up on the Indiana census.
  • 1870: (June) Catherine McCarty files on a quarter-section in Kansas.
  • 1871: (August) Catherine McCarty sells her holdings in Kansas.
  • 1872: (probably October) Catherine McCarty, Joseph, Henry and William Antrim are living in Denver CO.
  • 1873: (March st) Catherine McCarty and Henry Antrim marry in Santa Fe NM. Later that same month the McCarty/Antrims arrive in Silver City NM.
  • 1874: (January 5th) Public school is held in Silver City for the first time, Henry and Joseph and among the first students.
  • 1875: (September 25th) A newspaper report says Henry McCarty is arrested in Silver City NM for the theft of clothes, he is jailed to be taught a lesson, but then escapes from that jail.
  • 1876: (April) Miles Wood hired Henry Antrim as a cook at the Hotel de Luna outside Camp Grant AZ.
  • 1877: (February16th) A warrant is issued for Henry McCarty. He is accused of stealing Sgt. Hartman's horse.
  • 1878: (Feb 18th) Brewer, Middleton, Widenmann, Bonney and Tunstall, take 6 horses and 2 mules to Lincoln. They are ambushed by Dolan's and Sheriff Brady's men, Morton, Evans and Hill and they kill Tunstall. Tunstall's men, including the kid manage to escape.
  • 1879: (Feb. 18th) The Kid, O'Folliard, Evans and Dolan meet Lincoln to hold a peace parley. A peace treaty is formed and both sides agree. Susan McSween's attorney, Huston Chapman, is harassed and killed, both Dolan and Chapman firing their pistols.
  • 1880: (Jan.10th) Joe Grant challenges the Kid in Ft. Sumner. He pulls a gun on the kid, it misfires (earlier the Kid pretended to admire it, all the while positioning the chamber so the hammer will fall on an empty round) and the Kid shoots him dead, with 3 rounds to Grants chin.
  • 1881: (Jan.1st) The Kid writes to Governor Wallace-he asks the governor to come and see him.
  • 1882: (March 4th) A newspaper reports that Garrett is finally paid the $500.00.

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