(AKA: Delaroyere, Sparks, Sevening, Broehmer(Boehmer) Buildings, Solari Buildings, Post Office,
Farmer's Friend, Interpretive Center & Artificers' Exchange.)

1856 to present

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The Schultze/Broehmer Building - East & West.

(Jackson Street)

Originally 2 frame structures on the lot, and part of a much larger lot.

1856 March 24 - Louis Braquehai (there are many different spellings of this name) sold 2 houses to Henrietta Schultze.

1856 A one story brick structure was built by John Schultze in the fall. East building.

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The back of the Schultze building - east.

1857 March 2 - John and Henrietta Schultze sold to J. G. Sparks. Wholesale and retail groceries and provisions. (E:9:6)

1857 June 18 - Sparks sold to George Parburt.

1857 December 24 - Parburt sold to Sparks.

1858 December 24 - Sparks sold to Frederick Broehmer.

1859 A brick addition is built by Frederick Broehmer with a common wall. West building.

1860 1 July 17 - The census shows Henry Sevening from Prussia age 27 as grocer worth $10,000 with wife Louise from Bavaria age 20 living (or in same building [dwelling 2688] with) Frederick Broehmer from Prussia age 29 as a clerk with wife Johanna from Prussia age 21 and child: Artur from Columbia age 10 mos. (One might assume that this "dwelling" was used as a residence by the four adults and one child. A neighbor at a previous dwelling on census [2687] is a French female washerwoman: M. Meques, age 41 - page #70. Could this also be the Burn's Cottage?)

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The back of the Broehmer building - west.

1861 July 16 - Broehmer sold to Sevening.

1871 August - Sevening. Block 9, Lot 166 - Deputy County Surveyor map by John P. Dart

(This 39+ year space must be further researched)

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This image is suppose to be the Solari business - 1910

1928 Louis Brunet's daughter, Mrs. Louise Price sold to Clara Solari for $10.00.

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Solari Building 1929.

1947 State purchased the building from Clara Solari, William Solari and Sylvia Solari, and Victor Solari for $1850.

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Solari Building 1946.

1950 Restored and became the Columbia post office.

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Before restoration c1949.

1962 31 May - U.S. Post Office receives a ten year contract. (Park & Concessionaire report 1969-70)

1970s Warren Schultz was the Postmaster.

1972 31 May - U.S. Post Office given a ten year contract. (Park & Concessionaire report 1974-75)

1998 March 30 - Post Office left.

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Farmer's Friend Concession.

2007 Maria & Kurt Laubhan open the Farmer's Friend. A concession.

© William Dunniway.
Farmer's Friend Concession - 2009.

2011 November 20 - Maria & Kurt Laubhan close the Farmer's Friend.

2012 Became a state park interpretive center.

2013 August - Artificers' Exchange first occupied the building/concession to open in the Spring.

2014 May 24 - Artificers' Exchange opens. Danette Øydegaard, proprietress.

2021 December 34 - Artificers' Exchange closed. Danette Øydegaard, proprietress.

Artificer's Exchange
11259 Jackson Street.
Columbia, California 95310

209 536-1859

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