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Hubert E. Brady portrait - c1930

Born 10 December 1879 in Columbia, is the son of Matthew (Matty) Brady (see below), who came to Boston from County Cavan, Ireland, in 1843 and to California by way of the Isthmus in '58, and who figures prominently in Chapter ii (Ghost Town by Ezra Dane). Hubert Brady told of the shocking crime committed by Mrs. Kelly on the person of "Handsome" Brady (Chapter xiv). He keeps the old "Stage Drivers' Retreat" open as a museum and old timer's clubhouse, and has raised a set of chin whiskers that tourists travel miles to see. (from "The Story-Tellers" in Ezra Dane's GHOST TOWN 1941)

Many images are in the Columbia State Historic Park archives with Hubert as a human prop. One early visitor who returned after 70 years asked me if I knew of a fellow who called himself Buffalo Bill? It only took me a second to realize that Hubert told other whoppers to passing folk as well. Hubert died 10 April 1951. (FDP comment 2012)

Next door to the Stage Driver's Retreat - 1948


Born 12 November 1826 in Kilnalick, Caven County. Ireland (second son of Dr. Patrick Brady)
Died 19 December 1898 in Columbia, California.

Hubert Brady AKA Buffalo Bill Cody - 1939

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