Members of the Columbia Coronet Band - July 4th(?) 1898
Standing on Main Street in front of the Tibbet's House.

Burt Yuill

1882 to 1962 Born 12 Oct 1882 in Columbia and died 13 Sept 1962 in Crescent City, Del Norte County, Ca.

George E Nash

1885 to 1961 George E Nash. Married Catherine C. Died in Santa Clara.

Ed Kress

1865 to 1909 Edward Kress born June 1865 in Columbia, Tuolumne County, California
and died 26 JAN 1909 in Columbia, Tuolumne County, California.

Frank P Nash.

1882 to ? Frank P Nash. Married 5 Oct 1918 in Montesano, Chehalis, Washington, to Maude N Lane.

John Warren Nash Sr.

1852 to 1951 John Warren Nash Sr. Married on 19 Jan 1879 to Ellen T Costello, an Irish girl from New York.

Albert Kress (drummer)

1891 to 1972 Albert August Kress born 24 May 1891 in Columbia, Tuolumne, California
and died 6 OCT 1972 in Berkeley, Alameda, California

Frank Pedro

1878 Frank Pedro.

Arthur Napolean

1878 Arthur Napolean.

William Koch Jr.

1878 William Koch Jr.

John Warren Nash Jr.

1881 Aug to ? John Warren Nash Jr.

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