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The empty lot on State Street - 1957

1850s The lot contained a watchmaker and jewelry shop.

1854 Amor de Cosmos purchases the building for his Daguerrean Saloon from N. B. Gardner. Later that year de Cosmos sells the one story Daguerrean Saloon to L. Lipman and Abraham Noche(Mocke?).

A Dentist on Fulton Street runs an ad in the Columbia Gazette - 1856

1857 January - Lipman sells to Marie Gautier.

1857 October - Gautier sells to William Abraham Davies a watchmaker and jeweler.

1861 November - Seymour Hughes purchases the building in a "Fire sale".

1863 July - it sells to J. C. D. Duchow.

1871 August - it sells to Hilton and McPherson.

At some point the building is torn down and the site left vacant.

1960s Brick building reconstructed.

1968 Doctor Fields' office, a medical display installed.

1978 Dentist display installed.

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The Dentist Display - 2009

For more history than you might want to know, go here: American Dental Assoc. History

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