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Born at Yankee Hill, Tuolumne County, in 1876 (12 October) is now a leading citizen of Columbia and a County Supervisor of long service. He is the son of Luigi Dondero, who came from Genoa (Italy) around the Horn '49, mined in Hardscrabble Gulch, and kept store at Martnez (a small Mexican town south of Columbia). Some of our choicest bits were picked up in Mr. Dondero's barber shop, including much on the Columbia genius Louise Blanding (Chapter xvi) (from "The Story-Tellers" in Ezra Dane's GHOST TOWN 1941)

Frank took over the Barbershop in 1898 and Koch lived in the back rooms. When Koch died in 1902 Frank continued as the Barber. State purchased from Frank and Jeanette Dondero their property holdings in 1947. Kept barber shop in operation until 1964. He died on 13 May 1970. (FDPØ comment 2012)

from Eastman douments

Ezra Dane's GHOST TOWN - 1941

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