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Columbia is a living Gold Rush town located off Historic Highway 49 - Three miles north of Sonora and fourteen miles south of Angels Camp - The Columbia Harvest Festifall is not a typical Arts & Crafts Fair. This is an educational, fun filled weekend used to demonstrate and share hobbies, crafts, music, dancing & daily living chores.


We are looking for venders to demonstrate and sell historically reminiscent products and items such as tinware, silver items, wood furniture, farm or garden items (including animals and produce), book binding, artwork, quilts, soaps, candles, paper, stitchery items, hand spun or woven products, rope, blown glass, copperwork, pottery, handmade food products (syrups, cider, jams, sarsaparilla, mixes, baked goods, dairy products, or other suggested items will be considered.)


1. Historically reminiscent items and merchandise must be handcrafted by the seller. No Imported or mass produced items allowed.
2. Booth display must use period looking items, including: baskets, barrels, wood, fabric, or canvas. NO PLASTIC ITEMS. Including tarps. Cardboard boxes and aluminum tent or table legs MUST be hidden from view! WE ARE STRICT ON THIS ONE!
3. Sellers should wear appropriate costumes from 1850-1860's.
4. Sellers need to return to us:
~ a copy of sellers permit or signed copy for the State Board of Equalization.
~ Completed Application form (request via mail form).
~ Jury photos - 1 picture of your booth. 3 photos of the products you wish to sell. Photos will be returned to you the last day of the show.
~ 1 self-addressed envelope (business size)
~ Check or Money Order made out to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. FEE for Saturday & Sunday - $75.00 FEE for Sunday only - $50.00


Chamber of Commerce at 209 536-1672
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