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Includes Mexican-American War 1847-8
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History Note: The Grand Army of the Republic, founded in 1866, was one of the first political advocacy groups to help veterans and their wives.
There once stood two pyramids of cannon balls, which flanked a cannon. All that is left today is the empty cement forms, which held this memorial.


ANDERSON, Andrew - 13th Wisconsin Light Artillery. Born c1845 - Died 18 Apr 1909. Notes: The 13th Wisconsin Light Artillery was organized at Milwaukee and mustered into service on December 29, 1863. The battery moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, from January 28-February 12, 1864. It then moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on February 17. The battery was detailed to garrison duty there until July 1865. It mustered out on July 20, 1865. The battery lost 14 enlisted men during service, all by disease. (dates of buried from C.H. Burden records). Plot 128

Mexican War Grave Marker

ANDREWS, William - Born in England c1823 - Buried 20 April 1892 Notes: There is no marker. Found dead in bed at Yankee Hill. He served in the Mexican war with Captain William W.I. Kelly's Company of Independent Florida Volunteers. Plot unknown - (John King, County Recorder, lists from GAR post 141)


BECKWITH, Robert Jan - 22nd Regt. Infantry. Maine Volunteers Co. F . Born 1835 - Died 24 Jan 1919 Notes: Organized at Bangor and mustered in for nine months' service October 10, 1862. Left State for Washington, D.C., October 21. Duty at Arlington Heights, Va., until November 3. Moved to Fortress Monroe, Va., November 3, thence to Ship Island, Miss., and New Orleans, La., December 2-15. Attached to Grover's Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 19th Army Corps, Army Gulf, to July, 1863.
Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 8 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 169 Enlisted men by disease. Total 180. Further Notes: Certain records indicate Beckwith is buried in plot. There is no marker. Plot unknown

BURNHAM, Ezra F.(L.) - US Navy. Born in Massachusetts c1843-4 - 26 Feb 1929 Notes: There is no marker. (date of death from C.H. Burden Records) Plot unknown


CALDWELL, John H. - 5th Illinois Cavalry Co. L . Born c1840 - Died 24 June 1905 Notes: Bugler, mustered in at Effingham, Ill. Dec 30, 1861. Captured by Confederates while on patrol near Helena Arkansas, Oct 22, 1862. Paroled at Little Rock, Ark. Nov 5, 1862. Mustered out May 28, 1863. (date of death from C.H. Burden Records) Plot 126

CHILD, Harrison - 2nd Rgt. Infantry D.C. Volunteers Co. G . Born in Maine c1840 - Died 31 Jan 1892 Notes: Antietam, Maryland. (date of death from C.H. Burden Records) Died of consumption a blacksmith by trade. Enlisted 8 Feb 1862 & served 3 years. Plot 135 .


DALEY, Robert Chatterton (Lt.) - Co. E, 2nd California Cavalry Regt. (Cal. Vol.) Tuolumne Ranger. Born in Massachusetts c1834 - 27 April 1892 (date of death from C.H. Burden Records) Notes: Enlisted 20 Sept 1861. Indian Wars, California, Nevada, and Utah. Humbolt Co., and Owens River Valley, etc. Robert shows up in Shawsflat 1860 census for Columbia as a miner. Death caused by blast at Algerine. Plot 136

Colors for the Co. E, 2nd California Cavalry Regt. (California Volunteers)

2nd Regiment California Volunteer Cavalry was organized under the President's second call upon the State for troops in August 1861. By October 30, 1861, the regiment was organized and mustered into the service. The companies were assembled at Camp Alert in San Francisco. After completing the organization of the regiment, and a short period for drill and discipline, the regiment was sent, by companies, to various posts within the Department of the Pacific. Company E, originally organized as the "Tuolumne Rangers", after leaving Camp Alert went first to Fort Humboldt, remaining there until the spring of 1862. No record of the stations of this company can be found from February, 1862, until April, 1863, at which time it was at Camp Babbit then marched to Camp Independence, Owens River Valley. During July, 1863, it went to Fort Tejon, and in August, 1863, to Camp Babbitt, near Visalia, where it remained until November, 1865.

DURAND, Thomas J. - Unit unknown. Born c1842 - Died 25 July 1913 Notes: No marker found. Could have been moved. (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot unknown


ENGSTROM, John - Unit unknown. Born c1839 - Died 23 June 1919 Notes: No marker found. Could have been moved. (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot unknown


FLINT, Robert - Co. H, 6th Regt. Infantry (Cal. Vol.). Born in New York 1827 - Died 12 Sept 1890 Notes: Co. H was muster in at Benicia Barracks, March 4, 1864. It was stationed at that post during the whole of its term of service. During the later part of the war it provided guard detachments on Pacific Mail steamboats. It was mustered out October 25, 1865. Died of Heart Disease and a lumberman by trade. Plot 134?

Spanish/American War Grave Marker


GRANT, George Francis. - Company A, 14th Infantry Span-Amer War . Note: An entry of C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953 shows a George Francis Grant age 60 Died 27 June 1943 and in Columbia public cemetery. A cemetery card shows George Francis Grant Born in San Francisco 3 Nov 1867 - Died 27 June 1943. Farmer. Parents were John Grant of Boston, Mass & Elizabeth Nelson of Protland Maine. Heart. Plot 123


HARDING, Nathaniel F. - Born 22 November 1879 - Died 22 June 1892 age 12 Note: Death caused by a horse in Springfield. Was the son of an old soldier. (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 131

HASSEL, William Frederick - Co. D(G), 3 U.S. Dragoons Mex War. Born in Germany 1826 - Died in Columbia 19 Dec 1893 from dropsey. In the 1890s Hassel lived at the Philadephia Diggings of Italian Bar as a farmer. He was 5'7" light complexion, Blue eyed and light hair. See his tombstone .

Notes: In October 1833, the five companies first organized were sent under Colonel Dodge to winter in the vicinity of Fort Gibson, Arkansas Territory, where they remained until June 1834. Companies D and K, as well as F, saw service on Scott's line in the Mexican War. For the winter, Headquarters with Companies D was sent to Fort Leavenworth. In 1848, the three companies returned to the United States and were stationed at various points on the northwestern frontier.Plot 81A


MARKER, Peter - Company E. 1st Idaho Infantry Span-Am War Born c1862 - Died 5 July 1931 (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 121

McCLAREN, William - Co. I, 11th Regt. Infantry (Penn. Reserves.) Born in Pennsylvania 1837 - 3 Sept 1909 Notes: Does not show up on Muster Rolls. He shows up on the Voting record 1898 for Columbia as McClarren, a clerk, 5'11", sandy complexion, blue eyes, and sandy hair. Listed as Mc LAREN in the C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953). Plot 129

MERRILL, Benjamin Franklin - Co. E, 2nd California Cavalry Regt. (Cal. Vol.) Tuolumne Ranger. Born in Shurburn, Vermont 1833 - Died 28 Augusr 1892 Notes: See Daley. Was a Farmer in 1866 and a laborer in Columbia 1888. Plot 137


ORR, John - Co. E, 2nd California Cavalry Regt. (Cal. Vol.) Tuolumne Ranger. Born in Pennsylvania (August 1830)1829 -17 Nov 1905 Notes: Also See Daley. (death record in C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 127


PAINE, Clinton Joel - Serg't of Battery C, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. Born c1838 - 24 July 1902 Notes: Battery "C" 1st Regiment Light Artillery. Organized at Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and mustered in September 9, 1861. Left State for Camp Dick Robinson, Ky., October 1. Attached to Schoepf's Brigade, Army of Ohio, to December, 1861. Artillery, 1st Division, Army of Ohio, to September, 1862. Artillery, 1st Division, 3rd Army Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November, 1862. Artillery 3rd Division (Centre), 14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January, 1863. Artillery, 3rd Division, 14th Army Corps, to October, 1863. 1st Division, Artillery Reserve, Dept. of the Cumberland, to March, 1864. Artillery, 2nd Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to April, 1864. Artillery, 3rd Division, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to July, 1864. Artillery Brigade, 20th Army Corps, to June, 1865. (death record in C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 124

PHELPS, George - Co. C, 1st Regt.Infantry (Cal. Vol.) Born in Canada 1834 - Died 28 Aug 1892. Notes: Carpenter by trade in Angels Camp 1890. (death record in C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 138


QUINLAN(Qeuinton), Cornelius - Born c1872 - Died 7 Sept 1916 (death record in C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot unknown


ROSS, Walter H. - Co G. 7th California Infantry Span-Am War Born c 1865 - Died 1 Mar 1935 (death record in C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Plot 120


SINER, William H. - Co. A, 36th Regt. Mass. Infantry Born in Connecticut c1844 - Died 3 June 1912 Notes: Miner in Columbia 11 Oct 1882. ( C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Note: The 36th Regiment Infantry was organized at Worcester County and mustered in August 30, 1862. Mustered out June 8, 1865, and discharged from service June 21, 1865. Plot 130


TRASK, John Russel - Co. E, 2nd California Cavalry Regt. (Cal. Vol.) Born 1835 - Died 29 Aug 1904 (C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Notes: Some notes state: he was from Co. C, 1st Regt.Infantry (Cal. Vol.) which doesn't match tombstone. Also See Daley for notes on Co.E.
John Trask was born in Franklin County, Maine, in 1835. He came in 1853 direct to Tuolumne County, Gold Springs, where his brother P. M. Trask had been since July, 1852. P. M. Trask marries Susan M. Pierce in Maine September 19th, 1854. In 1860 P. M. Trask settled on his farm, located one mile north from Columbia. John joined the Tuolumne Rangers September 12th, 1861. He was 5’-5” tall with brown eyes and black hair. He was an express rider until he was mustered out, October 6th, 1864. John died in his brother’s home in 1904. Plot 125

G.A.R. 141Letterhead for John Trask.

TRUITT, John (Jonathan) - Co. E, 3rd Regt. Infantry (Cal. Vol.) Born in Maine 1833 - Died 21 May 1889 Note: Indian Wars in California. Company E, was organized at Benicia, December 21, 1861. During the summer of 1862 it went to Nevada and Utah, and was stationed at Camp Douglas and Fort Ruby until its disbandment by consolidation, November 1, 1864. Died of Typhoid fever was a farmer by trade. Plot 133

G.A.R. 141 marker.

NOTE: Most of the records came from a card index filed with the Columbia Cemetery District. Some details were found in the C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953, where noted. Other sources are named on the individual listings.


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