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Maj. Gen'l James Allen Hardie 1847-50
from a 9th plate Daguerreian pendant.

James Allen Hardie
5 May, 1823 - born in New York City

1843 - He was graduated at the United States military academy and entered the artillery service.

1844-1846 - He was an assistant professor of geography, history, and ethics at West Point in and served as company officer in garrison, frontier, and Indian service till 1861.

1847 - During the Mexican war he commanded a New York regiment of volunteers, with the rank of major.

1857 - he was appointed captain in the 3d artillery in California (1st N.Y.L.).

1861 - He was transferred to the 5th artillery, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel and aide-de-camp, and served on General McClellan's staff during the peninsular and Maryland campaigns, and on that of General Burnside in the battles around Fredericksburg.

1862 29 November - He was made brigadier-general of volunteers, assistant adjutant-general, assigned to special duty in the war department.

1863 - was assistant secretary to Sec. Edwin M. Stanton while he held office.

1864 - General Hardie was appointed inspector-general

1865 - was brevetted brigadier- and major-general, United States army, for his services during the war.

1866 - he was senior member of the commission to inspect ordnance and ordnance stores in forts and arsenals, and commissioner to audit the military claims of Kansas, Montana, Dakota, California, and Oregon. He edited numerous military reports.

5 May, 1876 - died in Washington, D. C.

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