Typical metal Jail that was most likely used in the 1850s.

The earliest known jail was located on the east side of Columbia Street one block east of Bassett's Cook Alley and made of logs; Lot #3b just north of Main Gulch.

1850s Originally this lot (part of block 9) was part of a larger lot. It was acquired by Mullan and Williams for the Boston Livery.

1866 The lot is split, the south half is purchased by Mike Rehm.

1870s North half of the lot has the jail (not the current building), the south half has a stone building which is used to store black powder.

1871 August - Rehm owns Block 9, Lot 165. - Deputy County Surveyor map by John P. Dart

1890s A sturdier stone building is built and used as the jail through the 1930s.

Jail House - 1941
(Facing Columbia Street, begind Artificers' Exhange)

1949 Donated to the state from Tuolumne County, no money changed hands, valued at $100.

Jail House - 2002

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