(AKA New England Water Company property, Koch Cabin,
Striplin Cabin, Old Maintenance Office, Cat House)

1853 - present

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Koch 1905 Cabin - 2000.

1853 New England Water Company office on lot; 45 feet by 80 feet. See The newspaper article.

1905 R.C. Davis sells 24 ft by 50 ft section of lot to Wm. Koch who builds a house and carpenter shop on the lot. Re-alignment of street has taken much of the property.

1920-30s Striplin lived in cabin.

1950s - 1980s State park maintenance office.

2000 Known as the “Cat House” due to all the farrow cats residing in and around the building.

© Floyd D. P. Øydegaard.
Back view of Koch Cabin - 2001.

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© Floyd D. P. Øydegaard.
Side view of Koch Cabin - 2001.

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