Dougie Smith 9 -11/12 years old wearing his bag and hat Dec. 2000.
Image by Will Dunniway


Where You Once a Newsboy For the Gazette?
"There were even some girls"

If you were once a newspaper boy(girl) over the past 35 years for the Columbia Gazette Office, I want to hear from you. Send me a picture of you then and now, as well as a story about yourself. What you liked or disliked. What you learned and where you are today.
To reach me,
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and look at this: editor/proprietor and his newsboy Image by Will Dunniway

The "Boy's" of 1850 (Y2K)

  • Donald Peebles - Diggins in June 2000 age 11.
  • Mary Peebles - Diggins in June 2000 age 10.
  • Edward Peebles - Diggins in June 2000 age 13.
  • Douglas Smith - June 2000 to April 2001 age 9.
  • Elijah Weston Harris - March 2001 age 9.
  • Jeremiah Lee Harris - March 2001 age 6.
  • Christoffer Hensler - March 2001 age 8.
  • Cali - March 2001 age 5.

    Send me your story and image TODAY! "I was a newsboy" for the Columbia Gazette!!

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