Film Still for Tandem shoot

Our Glorious Members

All images by Floyd D. P. Oydegaard, unless otherwise specified!

Note on images: These are images taken between 1984 and 2000. During my halcyon days as leader and member of SOTP.

the beginnings

  • The original founders
    of Shadows of the Past, Inc.
    in their last image together
    by the Collodion Artist William Dunniway & Co.
  • Read about Tennessee Charles Hughes
  • Read about Black Bart the Legend aka Floyd D.P. Oydegaard
  • Read about Don Aubrey
  • Our First Event at San Jose Historical Museum 1984
  • Hanging Out in San Juan Bautista 1985
  • Roaring Camp event 1987
  • Santa Cruz County Fair 1990

    the townies

  • GTR March 7, 1998 by Dunniway
  • Dusty's Saloon.
  • Shadow's Folk (color)
  • Shadow's Folk (tintype) Dunniway
  • Train at the Depot
  • Train Robbers
  • cooking over a campfire
  • Wolfgang Blum
  • Charlie Tarbox a drummer
  • Mari and Tony Smith by Dunniway
  • Peter "Scarvey" Chelemedos
  • William "Wyatt Earp" Burns
  • Adrian Butterfield
  • Teddy Blue at the Saloon door Pappy sits and Sheriff Scarvey sizes him up!
  • Kip Maxwell and John Gomez
  • Lizard, Mark and Jackson
  • Bloody Bob and his lovely lady Rene
  • Pawnee Bill Carl Ontis and Elizabeth Pigeon

    the pistoleers

  • Bart on Shiloh
  • Bart ala Rooster Cogburn
  • Hurricane Floyd
  • Black B'ar
  • Black Bear and Little Bird
  • Boggs aka Nathan Ralphs
  • Marshal Bart & Boggs
  • Holding Their S&W Pistols Doc, Will & DBD.
  • Marshal Esteban AKA Steven Crain

    the ladies

  • Adrian Butterfield
  • Amberbead Crystal Dunniway
  • Amy "Wild Red Hiccoughs" Crain
  • Betsy Belle AKA Elizabeth Ontis-Pigeon
  • Blondie AKA Eileen Hershman
  • Chocolate Eyes Mari Lynn (In her clothes)
  • Chocolate Eyes Mari Lynn (out of her clothes)
  • Darlin' Deena in the saloon
  • Halfbreed Lois Van Buren
  • Juarista Nebalita
  • Lady Neb
  • Little Bird in Columbia
  • Lil'Bird wrapped in black bear
  • Lizard, Mark and Jackson
  • Ruthless Rasmussen
  • The Widder Anderson

    our train guard
    Double Barrel Dick:

  • DBD & TWA Again Later!
  • DBD Stares Down a Brigand
  • DBD & TWA wait for a parade to start.
  • DBD & Bart play cards

    the sidekicks

  • Pappy Sherman Caughman
  • Pappy and Willy
  • Uncle Sherm and his son Jasper
  • Brad "Lefty" Jenkins
  • Dave, Bart & John Miklosko
  • Andy "Sourdough" Moore
  • Sourdough by Dunniway
  • Montana Richard Draga
  • Clinton "Dingus" Melville
  • Derek "Squawman" Walls
  • Brian "Smiley" Story
  • Ryan Downs moments after Bart shot a hole in his hat and it was still smokin'

    the cowboys

  • Our Cowboys 1996
  • Cowboy Wolfy
  • Teddy Blue, Soudough and Ted's son Scott by Dunniway
  • Clifford "Doc Cheatham" Chappel and Brad "Iron Horse" Bingham by Dunniway
  • Spotted Dog Dave Uebele
  • "Dusty" Stanley Coleman and Brad Bingham with Shiloh
  • Earl Stanley Coleman
  • Brad's tintype by Dunniway
  • Buford Champion
  • Wild Bill Pearce

    the youngins

  • Nate Champion
  • Willy Champion and Maw
  • Tenatious & Pecos Bill with Shorty
  • Michael "Boots" Smith
  • Young Jasper Collects the reward!
  • Jackson and his folk
  • Clinton "Dingus" Melville

    Action Scenes

  • Conchos Jeff Page wins the duel with the Buscadero Kid AKA Ryan Page
  • Bart ala Rooster Cogburn
  • Train Robbery during the Boomtowner's Get Together, Labor Day Weekend 1999. (Closer view)
  • The Lads and Lasses Line up just before the Downtown Christmas Parade - 1999.

    misc. indians

  • Halfbreed Lois Van Buren
  • "Princess Still Waters Run Deep" AKA Nawassa AKA Jenifer Ainsworth
  • Brave Indian Ray Johnny!
  • Dakota AKA Jacque Ann McQuillen
  • Kip Maxwell and John Gomez
  • Alcalde Arch Hayes

    misc. images

  • S&W number 3 that was at Little Big Horn and was on tour with the S&W collection.

    Tintypes were created by Wm. Dunniway & Co. our very own Wet Plate Collodion Artiste and fellow gunman! Most of the others were shot by Floyd D.P. Oydegaard AKA Bart!
    "GO ON!" "NOW GIT BACK!"
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