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Shadows of the Past, Inc. (SOTP) is a 501(3)(c) Federal non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation. Primarily a living history reenactment group for the purpose of educating the public about the periods of history from 1800 to 1890. SOTP spends much of it's energy in the "western frontier," (1875-1888).

Our activities include: classroom discussions, displays and demonstrations, parades, private parties, historical portrayals at special event sites, parks and museums, and performances at theme parks. Since 1984 we have annually presented Roaring Camp's "Great Train Robberies" weekends during the first part of March (or April) and during their Labor Day weekend in September, we have provided a "Boomtowner's Get Together" event also known as the "Summer Sampler." Throughout the year Companies of the area donate to our org. for special train robberies performed to entertain their groups.

Most of the activities that we are involved in receive no compensation for our personal expenses. Working as non-profit, we have always placed the education of the public first. Roaring Camp and a few isolated other events have given us gratuities, reimbursements or donations towards keeping us active. Donations pay for our mailings, newsletters, black powder, and other miscellaneous expenses to the individuals, like costuming, etc. The major expense to each individual usually amounts to higher costs, as each person supplies their own period reproduction clothing and accessories.

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