(Brunet Lot, Solaris Lot, Archive Building-Sector Office)

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Sector Office Building - 2018.
Jackson Street, east of Main Street, south.


Originally described as two framed houses and lots; this is on the east part of the Magendie lot.

1880 Frame 2-story residence built by Louis Brunet

The Solaris had a house on this lot, don’t know when it was built, do know that it burned in the 1920 fire.

Solaris Building - 1920.

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Unknown Building - 1929.
Some kind of false front (See far right of image) was made after fire. Not sure if it was usable.
Touch this image and see what it looked like in 1940.

1960 Present building replica of the Brunet structure, built for the park office.

1990 Records, photos and archives moved into the building as it became the archives office.

2002 Records, photos and archives moved to the remodeled firehouse office building behind Main Street firehouse as it became the archives office.

2019 March 1st - Park staff move to different locations in park. A change of leadership and (?) who knows what.

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The back of the Sector Office

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