There were over 145 made for TV westerns broadcasted from the 1940's to the current 1990's. Some lasted a few episodes while others became traditions! Here is a brief run down of just a few.
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Also: There are many westerns that were on TV and I have listed only those I recall (made an impression on my memory) before spending the last half of the 1960's "working" for Uncle Sam!
For a complete look at an Old West Series or film you loved, go to My Links to The Internet Movie Data Base and search out film, actors or characters of your favorite westerns!!

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    1950's WESTERNS

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    Western Movies Made for TV:

    Evil Roy Slade (1970) John Astin

    NOTE: The "made for TV movies" were an experiment...they weren't considered "real" many cases the tapes were erased and used for the news a week later...we only have a copy today, of some of these early ones, because the ADVERTISING AGENCIES amd the SPONSORS received tape copies as a result of contract requirements... John A. Dalton (Research Dept.)
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