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Stagedriver's Retreat c1934.

1851 Piley and Marshall have a wood building on the corner lot and run the Columbia Market.

1853 Napier Soderer becomes a partner in the firm known as Henry Piley & Co.

1854 Piley leaves. The building burns and is rebuilt of wood. Soderer and Marshall purchase the lot west of the building.

1856 Soderer and Marshall purchase the lot north of their building. (See Soderer & Marshall, North.)

1857 The building burns again, this time they build a brick structure across all the lots containing 4 stores. The market moves. The partners rent the corner building to John B. Douglass who runs a very popular saloon with an aviary, paintings, fish, geological display and is also a stage depot.

1861 Marshall sells to Soderer.

As seen in the Tuolumne Courier April 22, 1865.

1869 August - Douglass moves to Stockton.

1870 The building sells to Edmund Parsons who re-opens the saloon.

1871 August - Parsons. Block 16, Lot 227 - Deputy County Surveyor map by John P. Dart

1873 The building and business sell to William Siebert and Frank Vassallo.

1889 Vassallo sells to Siebert, called Siebert's Saloon.

1902 Siebert sells a half interest to Matthew Brady who changes the name to the American Saloon.

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Siebert & Brady Token - c1902.

1903 Siebert sells remaining half interest to Matt Brady. The wall between the butcher shop and the saloon are removed and the bar lengthened.

1907 Hubert E. Brady becomes half owner.

1920 Emmett J. Brady takes over Hugh's interest.

1930s Mrs. Amanda Crook owns the bar, gives Christmas parties and is a general benefactor to the old miners, it is called The Stage Driver's Retreat.

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Stagedriver's Retreat 1940.

1948 Ponce, Clevenger and Co. operate the business.

1952 The state purchases the building and lot from Pearl Marsh and Leon Ponce for $7500, they had purchased it from G.E. and Eleanor Martinelli

1952 A lean-to with restrooms was removed and modern restroom buildings erected.

1966 Clarence Harthorn (Tuffy) stops running the Stagedriver's Retreat (DBA announcement in newspaper October 1) and Joseph and Gertrude Corrente take over.

1968 Building closes for $50,000 restoration and reopens as the Jack Douglass Saloon.

1969 31 May - Joseph Corrente of the Stagedriver's Retreat has a 5 year contract that is assigned to William CLever. (Park & Concessionaire report 1969-70)

1969 30 September - William M. Clever has a five year special use permit to operate the Saloon. (Park & Concessionaire report 1969-70)

1974 30 August - William M. Clever has a five year special use permit to operate the Saloon. (Park & Concessionaire report 1974-75)

1978 31 December - William M. Clever & Tom Cornett have one year contract to operate the Douglass. (Park & Concessionaire report 1979-80)

1979 31 December - Dello Hert has a five year contract for the Douglass & St. Charles Saloon.(Park & Concessionaire report 1979-80)

1984? Sue Traves concessionaire.

1995 Senior Youth Partnership concessionaire.

2000 Concession closes. Park starts replacing floor in the back including removing wood lean-to on the north side of the building.

2002 April - Charles Patrick Narry takes over concession.

2003 New improved bathrooms are built in the rear.

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Jack C. Douglass Saloon 2007.

2012 February 4 - Steve ≈ Doreen Kwasnicki take over concession.

2014 December 28 - the Douglass closes it's doors.

2015 March 4 - Douglass opens under new concessionaires, Jennifer Maree Webber & Joe William Webber.

2018 February 9 - The Jack Douglass owners Jennifer & Joe Webber sell their contract to Denise and John Favela.

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Jack Douglass Saloon
22718 Main Street
Columbia, CA 95310
209- 533-4176


Coldest beer in the Motherlode.
Superb Sandwiches, Live Music & Authentic Atmosphere.
Ladies and Minors are welcome!

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