the 31st ANNUAL.


September 28th, 2013
A Presentation of the St. Charles Saloon

Accepted from 9am to Noon.

Voting & Judging
Between Noon and 4pm

Tropies Awarded
at 5pm

Aren't you just itchin' to participate?
11 categories:

Class 1: Best arrangement of poison oak.
Class 2: Best arrangement of poison oak and another plant.
Class 3: Best arrangement of poison oak and inanimate object.
Class 4: Most potent looking GREEN leaves.
Class 5: Most potent looking RED leaves.
Class 6: Biggest single Leaf.
Class 7: Best poison oak accessory or jewelry.
Class 8: Most original poison oak dish (recipe included).
Class 9: Biggest poison oak branch or trunk.
Class 10: Best Photo of poison oak.
Class 11: Best photo of poison oak rash (or in person?).
This event is like a traditional flower show, except, all entries must include poison oak!


Musical entertainment from 1pm to 4pm.

For another fun site: Poison Oak I.D.

Please contact the organizers below.

Contacts for more information:
John or Jeanne Hand
phone: 209-533-4656
Send an SASE to PO Box 1596, Columbia, CA 95310 for event details.

All information and schedules posted may be changed at any time!
The current listing may not be necessarily correct.

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