(AKA Alberding's Grocery & Provision Store, Charles Rehm's Saloon,
St. Charles Saloon, Peerless Saloon,
Pioneer Saloon, Solari Saloon, Bixel Brewery.)

1856 to present

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Pioneer Saloon - 1935.

(Northwest corner of Jackson & Main Streets)

1851 Charles Alberding owned a wooden structure on this lot and he ran a grocery and provisions store in it.

1853 Nov. 19 - Capt. John Parrot, of Columbia, murdered by Peter Nicholas near Alberding's Store. After a narrow escape from lynching, the murderer was tried and found Guilty of murder in the first degree, and sentenced to death; but the sentence was finally commuted to seven years imprisonment.

1856 Alberding had the current brick structure erected. For all intents and purposes Alberding owned the building until 1871.

1857 August - the building suffers severe damage and the contents are destroyed.

1857 David Oppenheimer and Michael Rehm lease the building run a saloon and "oyster parlor" (Michael Joseph Rehm was born in Bavaria [Germany] in 1827 or 1828. He and his Ireland born wife, Mary Mc Manus, lived in Columbia where they ran a farm. Mary was born in 1842, and she immigrated to the United States in 1846. The couple married when Mary was 18 years old. They had eight children)

1858 Charles Rehm's Saloon.

1858 November - Andre Bode takes Rehm's place.

1859 On the first floor is a bakery and in the basement is Rehm's Oyster Bar & Coffee Shop.

1859 Susanbeth and Day advertise as agents for a bakery as well as running an oyster and coffee saloon in the building.

1860 July - Joseph Bixel buys the (Rehm's Saloon) property for $3000. This was part of a deal to help Alberding while the water companies settled accounts.

1861 Mike Rehm leases the building and runs the St. Charles Saloon.

1862 Alberding repurchases the building and runs the saloon.

c1870-1872 The building is rented to James McGowan who ran the saloon in the Alberding building.

1871 August - McGowan owns Block 12, Lot 178.

1871 Alberding sold Building to Paul Bixel.

1872 Bixel sold to Mike Rehm. Rehm ran a saloon with billiard tables.

1887 Rehm's Billiard Saloon and Wine Hall. Rehm redecorates his billiard saloon and wine hall, "handsome paper on the walls and wainscoting and panels were grained"

1894 November 4 - deeded to Mary Rehm.

1906 December 20 - deeded to James and Mata Carder.

1910 Peerless Saloon operated by Carder and Rodden.

1912 April 6 - deeded to William R. Livingston.

1912 October 24 - deeded to R. Innis Bromley.

1930 St. Charles Saloon.

1935 Feb. 2 - deeded to Anthony Solari. Becomes the Solari Saloon.

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Pioneer Saloon - 1935

1935 Carlo's Pioneer Saloon. Carlo Franco operates the business but he does not own the building

1938 April 5 - Clara, Victor and William Solari own the property.

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1947 June 5 - Clara, Victor, William and Sylvia Solari sell to the state for $3260.

1947 Pioneer Saloon with Carlo Franco becoming the concessionaire.

1961 to 1967 Laurine and Owen Hartman are the concessionaires for the Pioneer Saloon. They purchased the business from Carlo Franco's heirs.

1968 Building restored. Name changed to St. Charles Saloon. The concession is temporarily (15mos) housed at Questai building on State Street.

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Inside the newly renovated St. Charles Saloon - 1969

1969 23 February - Laurine Hartman has a five year contract for a St. Charles Saloon.(Park & Concessionaire report 1969-70)

1974 23 February - Laurine Hartman Corder gets five year contract for concession, sells soft drinks, beer and snacks. (Park & Concessionaire report 1974-75)

1976 July - Tom Cornett, with money borrowed from Bill Clever, purchased the concession, removed partition at the east end and made the room bigger, moved bathrooms outside.

1979 31 December - Dello Hert has a five year contract for the St. Charles Saloon & Douglass.(Park & Concessionaire report 1979-80)

1980 January - Saloon closed until May. Legal matters. (from Tom Cornett)

1980 May - Dello Hert has contract for saloon, until Sept 1981. (from Tom Cornett)

1981 November - Tom Cornett reopens the St. Charles Saloon. (from Tom Cornett)

1988 July - Tom sold saloon to Denise Kerner. (from Tom Cornett)

1988 July - Denise Kerner is the concessionaire.

1995 Bill Hubenett is the concessionaire.

1997 James W. Brisco is the concessionaire.

2006 March - John & Jeanne Hand are the concessionaires.

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The St. Charles sign by Larry Baumgardner - 2011

2012 November 30 - John & Jeanne Hand cease operations as concessionaires.

2013 Jaunary - William Thomas Coffey takes over as concessionaire.

2013 February 10 - The rejuvenated Saloon, name change to The Bixel Brewery, has a soft opening.

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The Bixel Brewery - 2014

2015 September 7 - The Bixel Brewery has a hard closing.

2016 March 26 - The re-rejuvenated Saloon is back as the St. Charles. Concessionaires - Joe William Webber & Jennifer Maree Webber.

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