Columbia Grand Lodge No. 28 of Free & Accepted Masons

Early tombstone - 1853.

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History Note: The Columbia Grand Lodge No. 28 of Free & Accepted Masons
was created July 1852.
Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century.


ARNOLD, (baby) - No.81 Child of Robert Arnold (Robert was the son of Sam Arnold)

ARNOLD, (baby) - No.82 Child of Robert Arnold

ARNOLD, (baby) - No.83 Child of Robert Arnold

ARNOLD, Samuel - No.32 Died 16 Jan 1855 Note: First president of Columbia Trustees. (This grave is in the same condition as No.31(Mumford); somewhat obscured being quite covered by curbing of M.W. Parsons & Bros.) Mrs. Arnold is also here died 21 Dec 1859


BARLOW, Sam No.? Died Appril 4, 1853 buried by the lodge. Unknown location.

BIDDEL, baby Child of Amos Biddel drowned in Yankee Hill flume.

Bixel Tombstone - 1887.

BIXEL, Anna Marie No.166 Born in Wuertemberg, Riedhausen Jun 1823 - Died 11 June 1890 aged 67 yrs. Widow of Joseph Bixel. (HT48) (date of death from C.H. Burden records)

BIXEL, Arthur L. No.? Born 1864 - Died 1916 aged 52 yrs. (HT45)

BIXEL, Carrie C. No.? Born 1871 - Died 1951 aged 80 yrs. (HT45)

BIXEL, Fred A. No.? Born 1894 - Died 1970 aged 76yrs. (HT45)

BIXEL, Hazel D. No.? Born 1895 - Died 1967 aged 72 yrs. (HT45)

BIXEL, Joseph Andrea No.165 Born in Baden, Oberwaldhausen 1 Dec 1818 - Died 8 March 1887 aged 69 yrs. (HT48) See a history note.

BIXEL, Melvin A. No.? Born 1905 - Died 1969 aged 64 yrs. (HT45)

BIXEL, Paul Lewis No.? Born 16 March 1933 - Died 17 Jan 1987 age 4 yrs. (HT46)

BIXEL, Paul No.163 Born in Baden, Oberwaldhausen 2 June 1846 - Died 15 May 1889 (18 June 1846 - 14 May 1889 - HT46) See Tombstone

BUSS, Howard Eugene Born 25 Nov 1925 - Died 13 Oct 1962 (HT30) Note: Olivia Jean HICKOK buried here - 1929-1992

BYRD, Francis Jahew No.? Born 1816 - Died 1895 (HT16)

BYRD, Frank Theodore No.? Born 1860 - Died 1955 (HT16)

BYRD, Jane Catlin No.? Born 1816 - Died 1902 (HT16)

BYRD, Mary Jane No.? Born 1858 - Died Mar 4, 1876 age 17yrs, 4mos, 24 days of fever. Daughter of F.J. Byrd. (HT16)

BYRD, baby (William Francis) No.88 Born & Died 1855 (HT16) Child of F.J. Byrd.


CARRINGTON, Anna Lucinda No.94 - Daughter of T.E. & E.G. Carrington Born 17 July 1854 - Died 29 Sept 1856. Age 2 years (HT27)

CARRINGTON, Asa Timothy No.95 - Son of T.E. & E.G. Carrington Born 14 Sept 1845 - Died 11 Sept 1855. Age 10 years. (HT27)Tombstone

CHARNESKIE, Etienne No.17 Died 14 May 1858 of consumption

COLE, Morrison D. No.? Born 1909 - Died 1976 (HT34)

CRICHTON, George W. Reverand No.? Born 1911 - Died 1968 (HT33)

CRICHTON, Martha (Morgan) No.? Born 1911 - Died 2001 (HT33)

CRAWFORD, Thomas No.191 Child.


DAKON, Annie R. No.174 Died May 21, 1856 in Springfield age 23. Wife of Dr. Dakon.

De LANGE, Marie W. No.? Died Aug 28, 1867 age 71yrs, 6mos, 21 days. Native of France Wife of J. DeLange.

DIMOND, Daniel No.? Born c1823 - Died 27 Jan 1890 (date of death from C.H. Burden Records)

DORNAN, John M. No.? Born in Belfast, Ireland c 1807 - Died Dec 7, 1862 of Scarlitina. "He was Senior Warden at the time of his death. He was an excellant representative of the Column of Strength in Columbia Lodge No. 28 F & A M. (Also an Odd Fellow and had the largest funeral recorded by the lodge: Ben Harrison's was a close second." -Masonic record.

DOYLE, John Waldemar Born 1 Oct 1898 - Died 5 June 1953 (lists 1935 as death date - HT34) Note: California Pvt STU Army TNG Corps

DOYLE, Thomas D. Born 2 May 1892 - Died 26 Dec 1951 (lists Thomas P. - HT34) Note: California Pvt 101 Engineers 26 Div WWI

DRAPER No.29 Died of Apoloplexy 27 January 1890. Found dead in the bed at the residency of Mrs. S. Knapp

DRAPER, Mabel Ponce - 1897-1992

DRAPER, Wallace S. - 1847-1940 (HT13)

DRAPER, Verl R. - 1903-1975 (HT13)


FIELDS, Dr. George A. No. 23 died 2 Dec 1853 age 24 years. Note: First one to be buried as a Mason. Clementine Brainard mentions in her diary, "Sunday...attended Dr. G. Field's funeral at the south church. The exercises were very interesting as he being a Free Mason was buried in the Masonic style – never saw anything of the kind before."
A Masonic funeral, was performed with the reciting of ritualistic verses, each Mason in attendance, dressed in a uniform with a white apron, circled the coffin and placed a sprig of evergreen from his lapel into the deceased's upturned palms. The evergreen symbolized the Masons' farewell to one of their own. The departed's Masonic apron was draped over the side of the coffin and a wreath was placed next to it.>

FORSTERLING, Louis Tombstone states 1823 1908 Native of Germany."
Born 1823 - Died 28 May 1907 (Lists 1823-1908 - HT26) (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953)

FRANKLIN, Mrs. Dr. No.? Died at the residence of Jos. Pownall of paralysis. Joseph's sister-in-law.

FUCHS, John No.152 Born 7 Dec 1826 - Died 1 Feb 1905 of pneumonia (HT42)(record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953)

FUCHS, Mina - 20 Oct 1836 - Died 15 Feb 1905 (HT42)

FUCHS, Mina - 1903-1975


GARLAND, Ben. F. No.? Died Oct 16, 1853 buried by the lodge. Location unknown.

GILLESPIE, Archibald D. - No.18 Born in E. Tenn. 2 June 1816 - Died 18 Dec 1853.(HT18) Note: "Sacred to the memory of... Life severance is but Eternal union." Brother to C.K. Gillespie. Tombstone


HAGMEYER, Elizabeth Francis Born in Columbia 16 April 1873 - Died 24 Feb 1961 (HT32) Note: Housewife. Husband was Phillip. Parents were Andrew O'Hara & Ellen McGorde of Ireland.

HAGMEYER, Phillip Born in Ballbrohn, France13 Nov 1867 - Died 21 Nov 1933 (HT32) Note: Marble Quarry man. Wife was Elizabeth. Parents were Michau Hagmeyer & Margaret Motcig of France. Heart.

HALE, George Clarence (HT14) Born 7 Sep 1869 Columbia, Tuolumne and Died 28 Jan 1880 of Typhoid Fever in Columbia, California. Buried in the same plot as mother and father below. (age 9 years)

HALE, Charles Joseph (HT14) Birth 24 Feb 1871 Columbia, Tuolumne and Died 1 Mar 1880 of Typhoid Fever in Columbia, California. Buried in the same plot as mother and father below. (age 10 years)

HALE, George W. No.? Born 31 May 1837 Maine - Died 19 Aug 1915 Sonora (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Note: Lot in which there is buried 2 boys of Hale and wife.

HALE, Ida Josephine Spier No.? Born 30 Aug 1850 Illinois - Died 14 Nov 1923 Oakland (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) Wife to George Hale.

HARRISON, Benjamin. No.? Born 1800 - Died Nov 24, 1864 age 63yrs 2 mos of Billious Colic (Graves not numbered on this plot)

HART No.96 Doed Oct. 1855.

HOWARD (See Piley)

HOYT, child No.190


JARVIS, Anna Spooner Howard No.? Born 4 June 1788 - Died 11 Jan 1889 101 years old! (HT39)

JARVIS, Charles E. No.? Born 4 May 1858 - Died 18 Aug 1876 age 18yrs, 3mos. at Vine Springs Ranch, Columbia. Son of Leonard & Mary R. Jarvis. (HT39)

JARVIS, Edward Scott No.? Born 8 Sept 1790 - Died 24 Dec 1868 at Vine Springs. Age 78. His wife was Elizabeth Spooner. (HT39)

JARVIS, Elizabeth Sparhawk Spooner Born 25 Nov 1799 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts - Died 10 June (Jan) 1880 at Vine Springs Ranch, Columbia at 81 years old. Her Tombstone. Spouse: Edward Scott Jarvis: Children: Leonard Fitz Edward Jarvis, Francis "Frank" Pepperrell Jarvis (1837 - 1895) Note: Anna Howard Spooner (Not buried in Columbia.) wife of the "Hon" Leonard F Jarvis late of Surray, Maine, born in Boston, Mass. June 14, 1788 - Died in Newark, Cala, Jan 11, 1889 age 100years. She was buried in the grave with Elizabeth S. Jarvis Jan 15, 1899.

JARVIS, Franks (Francis) Pepperell (Not buried in Columbia.) Born 8 Dec 1837 - Died 2 July 1885. NOTE: buried in Cucamunga, San Bernadino Co.(HT39)

JARVIS, Leonard Fitz Edward No.? Born 23 Aug 1819 - Died 2 March 1906
NOTE: Family ancestry shows him buried in Oakland, Alameda Co. (HT39)

JARVIS, Mary B.(R.) Her Tombstone Born 15 Dec 1862 - 5 Jan 1863 21 days. Daughter of Mary & Leonard F Jarvis buried with mother, Mary Robinson Jarvis. Wife of Leonard F Jarvis. (HT39)

JARVIS, Mary Robinson No.? Born 1 May 1832 - Died 28 Dec 1862. (HT39) . "This grave has been selected for L.F. Jarvis on his request." -Masonic Record.

JOLLY, John No.105 Born April 13, 1820 - Died Dec 19, 1899 of pneumonia at Gold Springs. (1823-1899 HT47) Probably buried in same plot as son. Records were not kept regularly in the book after 1890. John belonged to the lodge for the longest time. -Masonic Record.

JOLLY, John William No.105 Born in Gold Springs 28 Feb 1865 - Died 1882 (HT47) in Stockton at the Asylum of Fits caused by a childhood accident
(Constructed as the Insane Asylum of California at Stockton in 1853. The legislature at the time felt that existing hospitals were incapable of caring for the large numbers of people who suffered from mental and emotional conditions as a result of the Gold Rush, and authorized the creation of the first public mental health hospital in California) Bro. John Jolly was John W.'s father.

JOLLY, Amelia Ann No.? Born in Gold Springs 5 Aug 1858 - Died ?. Probably buried in same plot. (Carlo m. De Ferrari notes)


KEYSER, Mrs. Elizabeth S. No.100 Died 4 Feb 1861 age 46 of consumption. Wife of Thos Keyser of Yankee Hill. (HT49)

KRAUSE, Amelia 1834-1912 (HT35)

KRAUSE, Anna B. 1873-1961 (HT35) (Cemterey card states Anne B. Krause Born in Calif 23 Sept 1874 - Died 4 March 1961. Housewife. Parents were Henning Hansen of Denmark & Anna Danank of Germany. Stroke)

KRAUSE, Walter 1874-1948 (HT35)

KRAUSE, William 1836-1920 (HT35)


LANG, baby No.87 C. Lang's child.

LEWIS, Daniel William No.156
Born in Columbia 27 Oct 1859 - Died 8 Feb 1860 age four months. (HT44) Son of Moses A. & M.M.

LEWIS, Annie Louisa No.158 Born Nov 3, 1858 and died the next day and was not named prior to burial. Child of M.A. Lewis.

LEWIS, Malinda Matilda Manchester No.157
Born in West Greenwhich, Kent Co., RI c1841 (1833) - Died 25 August 1875
She is buried first at Langworthy, Tuolumne Co.
There is an Obelisk with her name on it in Oakdale.
Daughter buried her next to her husband in Columbia with the Masonic lodge's permission in 1885.

LEWIS, Moses Allen No.44
Born in West Greenwhich, Kent Co., RI, 5 July 1824 - Died of consumption 1 June 1883 in Oakdale.
(HT43) Buried next (south) to his son. He was placed there to give room for his wife (Malinda Matilda Manchester above).

LORING, John M. No.74 Born in Sterling, Mass. 17 Jan 1824 - Died in Shaws Flat 15th Jan 1872 aged 48 years, probably of apoplexy. (HT15)
(apoplexy used to describe any sudden death that began with a sudden loss of consciousness, especially one where the victim died within a matter of seconds after losing consciousness. Those reading historical documents should take into consideration the possibility that the word "apoplexy" may be used to describe the symptom of sudden loss of consciousness immediately preceding death and not an actual verified disease process). Found on the floor in his room at A. Bullerdieck's. Tombstone

LOUTHIAN, C. Glen (Glen O.) Born c1891 - Died 31 July 1947 (record of death from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953) (HT5)


MARSHALL, child No.193 Child of J.W. Marshall.

McKENZIE, child No.110 of D. McKenzie.

McNULTY, Mrs. Mary E. No.19 buried 8 Dec 1859

MILLER, Carrie No.? Born 13 March 1848 - Died 10 Apr 1863 age 15. (HT11) Daughter to Hezekiah S. Miller.

MILLER, Hezekiah No.? Died 19 May 1890 age 74yrs, 11mos, 15 days of Valvular Diesease of the heart.

MOORE, Amelia A. No.108 Born 1835 - Died 1909 (HT47)

MOORE, William Dempsey No.108 Born 1833 - Died 17 March 1855 in Sonora, by a concussion of the brain caused by a fall. (HT47) Son of William K. Moore and brother of Mrs. John Jolly. (See Parsons for Wm. K. Moore)

MORSE, Julia L. No.171 Born 1827 - Died 7 July 1855 age 28 and was buried in Columbia Masonic Cemetery. She was living with Annie & Julia Shaw. (Record is wrong for last name on HT51)Tombstone

MOSS, Dr. Robert No.98 Died Sept 3, 1855 age 33.

MUMFORD, Walter No.31 buried 13 June 1856 (Obscured by the Parson's Marble curb)


NORTON, John No.21 Died 13 May 1855


PARSONS (4 graves not numbered) Children of Edmond.

PARSONS (4 graves from south to north) Mattie, died 17 Aug 1865 age 13 mos. inflamation of the stomach. Daughter of Dr. M.W. Parsons. Martha M. age 74 Died 30 Aug 1877 of Old Age. Sophia C. Moore age 52 died 5 March 1860 and her husband William K. Moore with his wife. Amelia Moore (mother to William)

PILEY, Martha Caroline Howard No.? Born in London, England - Died 22 Feb 1862 age 35.(Complications of child birth) (HT12) "Beloved wife of Henry Piley," and sister to W.F.H. Aaron. Tombstone

PLUMER, G.B. No.57 Born at Epping, New Hampshire - Died 22 May 1858 age 28 by drowning in a tunnel in Table Mountain. Erected by his twin brother B.G. Plumer 1 Sept 1872. (HT19) Tombstone

POWNALL, Benjamin H. Born 23 Jan 1907 - Died 20 May 1946 (HT17)

POWNALL, Josephine M. Born 26 Aug 1898 - Died 13 May 1975 (HT21)

POWNALL, Dorothy Died 26 Nov 1903 at 9 months old. (from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953)

POWNALL, Joseph Dr. Died 1 Dec 1890. No location listed. (from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953)

POWNALL, Mary C. Born c1829 - Died 18 Nov 1902 (from C.H. Burden Undertaker Records 1890-1953)


Reister tombstone.

REED, D.W. No.56 (Also written as H.D. Reed) Died Jan. 10, 1859

REISTER, Ann No.61 Born in England - Died July 4, 1869 72 years. (HT9)

REISTER, John No.61 Born in Baden, Germany - Died 7 June 1881 age 71 (HT9) "Brother Reister held the office of Tyler in Columbia Lodge No. 28 of F & A M for 25 years" -Masonic record.

RILEY, Charles R. No.25 Died of consumption 19 March 1873 at the house of Thomas Northrup.

RYSTER (Could be the Reister's above)

RUSHING, Emma J. Jolly 1861-1892 (HT47) Note: sister to John Jolly?


SARTORIS, Abraham Joseph Born c1865 - Died 3 Feb 1935 (1869-1936 HT7)

SARTORIS, Louise O. Born 1878 - Died 1950 (HT6)
(an index card shows an Olive Louise Sartoris born in Calif 18 July 1873 - Died 30 Aug 1950. Married to Abraham J. Sartoris.
Who's parents were Frank Vassaelo & Catheine Gallo. Heart.)

SARTORIS, Oliver J. Born 1896 - Died 1901 (HT8)

SCHULER, George H. No.? Born 22 March 1863 - Died 28 Jan 1871. (23 Mar 1863-29 Jan 1871 HT40) Son of Henry Schuler.

SCHULER, Mary No.? Born 18 Feb 1842 (Germany) - Died 15 July 1863 (HT40) Wife of Henry Schuler at Bensonville.

SCOTT, Chester A. Born 1881 - Died 1937 (HT47)

SEARS, Alden No.45 born 1798 in Vermont, who was the husband of Caroline Carleton Sears of daughter Miss Ellen Sears (Mrs. E.E. White), Died 8 Mar 1861 at age 63 of apoplexy. (HT25) Tombstone states: "In memory of ALDEN(backward'N') SEARS Died March 8th, 1861 Aged 63 years."
(apoplexy used to describe any sudden death that began with a sudden loss of consciousness, especially one where the victim died within a matter of seconds after losing consciousness. Those reading historical documents should take into consideration the possibility that the word "apoplexy" may be used to describe the symptom of sudden loss of consciousness immediately preceding death and not an actual verified disease process)

SEVERNING, Henry Albert No.53 Child of Henry & Louise Severning died January 4, 1877 aged 2 years. (Born 4 Oct 1875, age 14mos - HT20) Tombstone

SHAW, Annie W. No.169 died 8 May 1856 3 years 7 mos. old. (HT52)

SHAW, Julia L. No.170 died 18 April 1856 at 9 years old. (HT50)

SHAW, I.L. No.168

SHAW, A.W. No.172

SHAW, baby No.173

STERNS, W.H. No.? (gravestone reads J.S. Stearns). (Stearns, W.H. HT41)

STEWART, John No.153 Died from the effects of sunstroke.


TARBOX, C.F. No.22. Buried 26 Jan 1853 (first recorded burial by Lodge.)

TAYLOR, M.F. No.44 No record.


URMY, Mary No.167 Died Feb 9, 1857 6yrs. Daughter of J.B. Urmy.


VAN DUSEN, T.J. No.20 a doctor in Springfield. Died 2 October 1857.


WEIDEKIND, Agustus Gottlieb "August" - plot HT12(?)
Born January 1832 in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) Germany - Died 26 August 1914 in Sonora and buried in Columbia Cemetery. Note: See Details.

WING, Frederick Stephen No.159 Born Jan 29, 1872 - Died May 9, 1888 of typhoid pneumonia age 16. Son of Gideon and Melinda Wing.

WHITE, Judge E.E. No.48 Age 63. Died of appoplexy 10 August 1881 in the store of Gideon Wing.

WILSON, James - No.59 Died of consumption 19th Dec 1876 aged 51 yrs. (HT10) "Brother Wilson had been sick for a long time but was feeling better and was in the act of getting into a buggy to ride to Sonora, when hemorage of the lungs commenced and died in a few minutes." -Masonic record.

WILSON, Frankie - No.60 Died August 20, 1885 age 11 of spasms caused by overheated walking from Belmont Home.

Unknown child - Most likely a wooden tombstone long eroded


HT1 Marbel stone, broken top, no name, scribed No3.

HT2 Marbel stone, broken top, no name

HT3 Marbel stone, broken top, no name

HT4 Marbel stone, broken top, no name

HT22 rock border, no name

HT23 6"x18" marble marker, no name


HT24 4"x24" marble marker, no name

HT29 marble curb 10'x15', no name or markers


HT37 bed of iris, possible grave

HT38 bed of iris, possible grave




No.99 An unknown stranger who died in Bensonville between Columbia and Springfield.




NOTE: There may be more unknown sites.

Most of the above came from one or more of these sources: Masonic Record - 1883, Barbara Eastman - 1958, Hart Ralph Tambs 1987. ( His map was numbered by him and where any connection is made the intials HT and a number will be located at the end of the individual details which corresponds with his map), tombstones still remaining.


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