Columbia looking north from Kennebec Hill c1855

About Columbia.

The Founder of Columbia.

A Short History of Columbia.


The following sections are listed below.
China Plot
Masonic Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Public Cemetery
St. Anne's Cemetery
G.A.R. Locations

Columbia's Citizens.

Animals of Columbia.

Bakers of Columbia.

Bands of Columbia.

Bands of Columbia 2.

Barbers of Columbia.

Clementine Brainard

Carpenters of Columbia.

Carpenters of Columbia (another look).


Chinese of Columbia.


Law & Order.


Merchants & Personalities.


Mexicans Census.

Mexican Outlaw.

Mexican Outlaw 2.

Photographic Studios.

Professional Women.

Population via Census.

Saloons of Columbia.

School Teachers of Columbia.

Stage Lines & Liveries.

Stage Travel & Accidents.

Building Histories.

1st Store: Bassetts.

American Hotel. (Stage Depot)

Angelo's Hall.

Assay Offices.(behind Wells, Fargo)

Barber Shop.(Photo Studio)

Blacksmith Shops.

Bowling Saloon Display. (Knapp Block)

Brainard Building.(Candle Dipping)

Broehmer Building.(Artificer's Exchange)

Burns Cottage.

California Store.(Franco cabin)

Candle Barn History.

Candy Kitchen Buildings.

Carpenter Shop.(New Justice Court)

Chinese Display.(Old Justice Court)


City Hotel.

Cottage A.(City Hotel Rentals)

Cottage B.(City Hotel Rentals)

Clark's Hotel.(Trask House)

Claverie Ruin.(Chinese Store)

Columbia House Restaurant.

Columbia Restaurants.

Columbia Museum. (Knapp Block)

D.O. Mills Bank. (Empty Bank)

Dentist Display.

Douglass Saloon.

Duchow Building. (Drug Store display)

Eagle Cottage Building.

Fallon Garden.

Fallon House-West.

Fallon Ice Cream Parlour.

Fallon Theatre.

Ferguson Block. (Columbia Clothiers & Emporium)

Firehouse #1.(State street)

Firehouse #2.(Main street)

Franklin-Wolfe Building.(Columbia Booksellers)

Franco Barn Lot.

Gazette Building.

Hildenbrand Building.(N.S.G.W)

Jackson & Stone. (Matelot)


Knapp - South.(Museum)

Knapp - Middle.(Bowling Saloon)

Knapp - North.(Ebler's Leather Store extended)

Masonic Hall.

Mercantile. (Columbia Mercantile - 1855)

Post Offices of Columbia.

Questai Building. (old photo shop - EMPTY)

Saint Charles Saloon.

San Francisco Lager Beer Saloon. (Brown's Coffee House)

San Francisco Store. (Enterpreter Center)

School House.

Schwartz Building.(Empty)

Towle & Leavitt.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express.

Wilson's Store and People's Market. (Ebler's Leather)

Houses of Early Columbia.

Aunt Sally House.

Brady House #1.

Brainard House.

Martinez House.

Rehm House.

Solaris House.

Tamale House.

Tibbits House.

Wilson House. (High Noon House)

Missing Buildings & Vacant Lots.

1st Store: Bassetts.

1st Brick Store: Donnell & Parson.

Arnold, Brown & Co. Store (#43)

Back of DO Mills & Wells, Fargo.

Bernard's Lot.

Block 9.

Block 10.

Block 12.

Block 14.

Block 15.

Block 16.

Block 17.

Broadway Stable.

Candle Cottage.

Colombo Saloon.

H. N. Brown's Store.

Known Buildings (#1-7).

Jackson & Stone.

McKenty & Church.

Terpsichorean Hall.


Columbia's First Fire Departments.

The History of First Fire Companies & Papeete.

The History of Fire Companies (part 2) & Monumental.

The History of Citizen #1, Fire Pump.


Columbia's Editors and Newspapers.

History of Columbia's Newspapers 2.

Columbia's Presses

The Historic Press.

The Acorn Press.

The Palmer & Rey Press.

Intent of Gazette Building.

Columbia's Movies.

The Films.

Militias, etc.

Columbia Fusiliers. (1853-1857)

1st New York Legion in Tuolumne County. (1847-1852)
1st New York Legion. (1847-1852)
James Allen Hardie of the 1st New York Legion. (1823-1876)

Battle of Sawmill Flat. (1852)

Militias. (1850-1890)

Interesting Information.
(May or may not have anything to do with Columbia)

Pocket Change - 1850-1860

Piece of Eight

Columbia's Old Glory.

Columbia Memories

Capitols of California

Shadows of the Past Western Gungfighters.

Billy the Kid's Chronology

Jesse James Chronology

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